when will california legalize sports gambling

California Set to Legalize Sports Gambling in Upcoming Legislative Session

California is on the verge of legalizing sports gambling, with the state legislature expected to take up the issue in its upcoming session.

The move would make California the sixth state to legalize sports gambling, following Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi and West Virginia.

It’s not clear yet exactly what form the legislation will take, but supporters say that it will help bring in much-needed revenue to the cash-strapped state.

“There are a lot of people who want to bet on sports and right now they are doing it illegally,” said Democratic Assemblyman Adam Gray, who is sponsoring the legislation. “This will give them an opportunity to do it legally.”

Opponents of legalizing sports gambling say that it could lead to increased rates of problem gambling, but Gray dismissed those concerns.

“I think that’s a scare tactic by people who don’t want this to happen,” he said.

The legalization of sports gambling is likely to face strong opposition from the NFL and other professional sports leagues, which have been outspoken opponents of expanding legalized gambling.

“We remain opposed to any expansion of gambling on professional sports,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

Governor Jerry Brown Officially Calls for Legalization of Sports Betting in California

Governor Jerry Brown has officially announced his endorsement of legalizing sports betting in California. In a press conference on Thursday, the governor said that he believes sports betting should be legalized and regulated in order to protect consumers and generate new revenue for the state.

“It is time for California to legalize sports betting,” said Governor Brown. “This is a common-sense reform that will protect consumers, generate new tax revenue, and create jobs in our local communities.”

If approved, California would join a number of other states that have legalized some form of sports betting in recent years. The move could also pave the way for the state to offer online sports betting, which is currently not allowed under federal law.

Supporters of legalization say that it would bring much-needed revenue to the state, while opponents argue that it could lead to increased gambling addiction rates. Governor Brown acknowledged these concerns but said that they can be addressed through regulation.

“We must ensure that Californians are protected from harm but we should also allow people to engage in this fun and exciting pastime,” he said. “The time has come for us to bring this multibillion-dollar industry out of the shadows and into the light.”

California Legislature Poised to Pass Historic Legislation Legalizing Sports Gambling

In a landmark vote on Monday, the California legislature approved a bill legalizing sports gambling in the state, paving the way for what is expected to be a multi-billion dollar industry.

The bill, SB 333, now goes to Governor Jerry Brown for his signature. Brown has not indicated whether he will sign the bill, but has previously voiced support for legalized sports gambling.

If signed into law, California would become the sixth state to legalize sports betting since the US Supreme Court struck down a federal prohibition on the activity in May.

“This is a historic day for California as we pave the way for legalized sports betting,” said bill author Senator Bill Dodd in a statement. “SB 333 creates a safe and regulated environment forSports Wagering and will allow our local businesses to capitalize on this new industry.”

Supporters of legalized sports gambling argue that it will bring much-needed revenue to the state’s struggling casino industry, as well as create jobs. Opponents argue that it could lead to addiction and corruption.

A recent study by Oxford Economics estimated that legalizing sports gambling in California would generate over $7 billion in annual revenue and create more than 34,000 jobs.

State Assembly Approves Bill to Legalize Sports Gambling in California

On Tuesday, the California State Assembly approved a bill that would legalize sports gambling in the state. The bill now moves on to the Senate for approval.

Under the proposed legislation, it would be up to the individual counties in California to decide whether they want to allow sports gambling within their borders. If a county decides to allow it, there would be a number of regulations that would have to be followed, including age restrictions and licensing requirements.

The bill’s author, Assemblyman Adam Gray, said that the legislation is about consumer protection. He pointed out that under the current system, there is no regulation of sports gambling, and that leaves consumers vulnerable to scams and fraud.

“This legislation ensures that all Californians will have access to safe and fair sports betting,” Gray said in a statement.

Opponents of the bill say that it will lead to more gambling addiction problems in California. They also argue that it will create a black market for gambling.

In order for the bill to become law, it must be approved by the Senate and signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Legal Sports Betting Could be Coming to a Casino Near You in California

California is a state that is known for its love of gambling. From card games to sports betting, residents of the Golden State love to try their luck. And with the recent legalization of online poker in the state, it was only a matter of time before other forms of gambling were legalized as well.

Now, it looks like legal sports betting may be coming to casinos in California very soon. A bill recently introduced in the state legislature would allow casinos to offer sports betting, subject to approval from the state’s gaming commission.

The proposed bill would also allow for mobile and online sports betting, giving Californians the ability to bet on their favorite teams from anywhere in the state. This would be a major change for California, as currently only tribal casinos are allowed to offer any form of gambling other than card games.

If the bill passes, it is expected that there will be a surge in interest in sports betting in California. In fact, one study estimates that legal sports betting could bring in over $1 billion per year in revenue for the state’s casinos.

So far, reaction to the proposed bill has been mixed. Some casino owners are excited about the prospect of being able to offer sports betting, while others are concerned about the potential for increased competition from tribal casinos.

There is also some opposition from anti-gambling groups, who argue that legalizing sports betting will lead to increased addiction and social problems. However, supporters of the bill argue that regulated sports betting is safer and more responsible than illegal offshore bookmakers.

It remains to be seen whether the proposed bill will pass muster in the state legislature, but if it does, it could mean big changes for gambling in California. Residents may soon be able to place bets on their favorite teams at local casinos, or even from their smartphones or computers!